Oculus Rift resources

I’ve just arrived home following an excellent weekend at the Nine Worlds convention (https://nineworlds.co.uk/). I strongly recommend that anyone in UK/Europe look into it, and consider going next year.

On a whim I decided to bring my Oculus Rift to the con, and let attendees try it out. It turns out there was rather a lot of interest – my best guess is 125+ people tried it out over the three days. For those who want more information, I thought I’d collate some links.

You can currently buy the developer kit from the Oculus website (follow the pre-order link), for 300USD. For those in the UK, expect to be stung by VAT+Customs – IIRC overall it cost around 300GBP total.

A really important note is that this is a developer kit – the consumer version will be higher resolution, won’t show the gaps between pixels, and will generally be more user friendly. Similarly, a lot of the games and demos are alpha/beta quality code, so expect bugs, issues, and weirdness. If you’re not willing to accept these issues, I recommend waiting for the consumer version. I expect Rift support to be quite niche, with mainly indie games supporting it for a fair while, but the 3rd party drivers work relatively well and may work for future AAA titles.



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