Cash machine receipts

Seriously, who uses cash machine/ATM receipts these days?

And what’s more, why are there competitions on the back of them?

The receipts from cash machines can be useful to some fraudsters, giving all sorts of interesting information. Also, most people treat them as trash, putting them in the bin if we’re lucky, or just throwing them on the floor if not. There’s often a little mini-bin to put receipts into near the cash machines, but they’re normally full and overflowing.

It also doesn’t make any sense to me that there are competitions on the back of the receipts. Why? Does anyone ever actually enter? Why do the banks want to reward people who are costing them money and being environmentally unsound by printing out unnecessary documents? Maybe they should be rewarding people for not printing out receipts, by automatically entering users into the draw…? I’m just saying…


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